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Average Cost of DJing Lessons

The average cost of 60-minute djing lessons is $73. While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and your location, you should expect to spend anywhere between $39 and $142 per hour.

30-min $27
$45 average
45-min $34
$57 average
60-min $39
$73 average

For the best experience, we typically recommend 60-minute djing lessons. However, students looking for a more affordable option may want to consider a shorter lesson length of 45 or 30 minutes. On average, 45-minute djing lessons are 22% less expensive at $57, and 30-minute lessons cost 39% less at $45.

Curious how much djing lessons cost in your area? Do a quick search to get local prices for the best djing teachers .

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Popular DJing teachers

Henri B.

Scottsdale, AZ
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Paul R.

Beaumont, CA
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Zen R.

Redlands, CA
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About Henri B.

Scottsdale, AZ

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Students will learn about beat matching, scratching, vocal effects, music theory, trends in current music today, how to market themselves, how to get and keep gigs, track selection, and overall, how to be a great DJ.

Katie & Emma K. December 14, 2018
· Piano · In home
Henri has been great with my daughter Emma! She looks forward to her lesson every week and is learning a lot.
Bill Rogers July 15, 2018
· Piano · In home
Learning is fun with Henry. Good energy and great teacher.
Jon June 22, 2018
· Piano · In studio
Awesome class!

About Paul R.

Beaumont, CA
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Learn how to beatmatch and mix your favorite music and create your own DJ mixes from scratch. I use Serato DJ, Traktor, and/or Ableton Live.

KarinaB April 18, 2011
· ·
He is a great instructor and my son has learned a lot from the few lessons that he received.

About Zen R.

Redlands, CA

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Want to know how to DJ with Serato and the Pioneer DDJ-SX2? Book a lesson now to starting learning the fundamentals of DJing.

Jack M. January 22, 2019
· DJing · Online
Knowledgable guy with solid gig experence. Very worth it.
Akshans October 11, 2018
· ·
Chill and helpful instructor! He gives you a good structure on where to spend your time and energy as efficiently as possible
Shane August 31, 2018
· Percussion · In studio
Zen is a great teacher. He has taught me polyrhythms, timing, and playing subdivisions with different note groupings in jazz styles. He also shows up on time and prepared to get to business. Id recommend him to anyone looking to learn drums or Ableton!

Raymond C.

Santa Monica, CA
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Johnny R.

Toms River, NJ
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Jordan N.

Los Angeles, CA
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About Raymond C.

Santa Monica, CA
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I’ve been doing for over 10 years and I bring a unique flavor to the turn table. I’ve got a background in Hip Hop scratching, but I’m progressive in the EDM scenes! DJ will change your life if you let it.

Deron S. March 8, 2019
· DJing · In home
Raymond is a nice and a great teacher for our 11 yr old grandson. He is patient and fun. But he gets our grandson to focus when GS gets distracted. I feel that Raymond is teaching wholeheartedly and really it’s up to the student with how far and fast he wants to go.
Daniel M. February 24, 2019
· DJing · In home
Raymond is a great DJ teacher. Our 11 yr old grandson is learning a lot. Raymond is on time for our in-home lessons. He's patient and understanding. We would recommend him to anyone.
Shay May 23, 2018
· DJing · In home
Raymond is a great teacher!! I learned how to set up a set list and mix one song into the other. He was AWESOME! Going to continue lessons for sure!

About Johnny R.

Toms River, NJ
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Hello! I am a passionate disc jockey who offers a high-energy style and a people pleasing attitude. I can offer basic fundamentals that can get you started doing your own events right away! All ages are welcomed and I will guarantee you will love everything I have to offer!

About Jordan N.

Los Angeles, CA
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Hi -

I am offering Private Lessons from from a Professional Open formate DJ with 10 years experience.

- I do all levels from beginner to advanced, everything that you need to become a world class DJ.

-I teach all types of Styles of Music that you may want to spin from exclusive Hollywood nightclubs format, to Big Room Vegas style, even Weddings, and all genres in-inbetween.

-Some of my past students included DJ that have now gone on signing with Agencies such as SKAM artist and have millions of followers on IG and are big time social media influencers like @ToriBrixx

-My current and past DJ residencies are going to blow your mind.
Drais Las Vegas
XS Las Vegas
1 Oak LA
Avanue LA
Bootsy Bellows LA
Hyde Sunset LA
Argyle Hollywood
The list goes on and on...

If you want to put in the work I can probably make you better then you ever thought possible, but Im only taking on a few students that are serious.

Most classes are done in my Studio / I can come to you for a ...

Jeff January 31, 2019
· DJing · In studio
Excellent teacher - experience is second to none, really takes the time and explains how to Dj but also how to get Dj bookings (much harder part)

Don’t know anyone that plays at high end HOLLYWOOD clubs and high end vegas clubs that would do this.

Highly recommend!!! If your on the fence, just do it.

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Why TakeLessons?


DJing Lessons

Beginner vs Intermediate vs Expert DJing Lessons

Private DJing lessons with a TakeLessons instructor are tailored to each student based on their current skill level, and goals. Beginner students learn the basics of electronic music, music production, and mixing techniques. From there, the difficulty increases in order to properly challenge and motivate intermediate and advanced level DJs to develop greater skills, to stretch their preconceived limitations, and to ultimately gain more satisfaction and paid opportunities from the DJing.

We understand advancing DJs may also have professional goals, so our teachers can counsel you to increase your chances of getting more and higher paying gigs. You might even decide to become a TakeLessons DJing instructor and get paid to teach other aspiring disc jockeys like you.

DJing Lessons for College Students

Let’s be honest, private lessons aren’t always ideal for college students who are generally tight on budget, time, and commitments. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop learning, practicing, and improving at any skill or hobby. You can still work on DJing in your free time, and even work the local bars and college events to make some cash. Besides, playing music reduces stress, helps you stay creative, and helps you improve your listening skills.

DJing Lessons for Working Adults & Parents

By now, you’ve already decided whether to stick with the DJing or to drop it. If you’re one of the lucky few that stuck with it, in spite of having an extremely busy schedule with work and family obligations, congratulations. Contrary to popular belief, taking the time out for regular DJing practice has tremendous benefits, even for the busiest of people.

We believe that DJing practice as an adult is more productive than it seems because it clears your head, it builds patience, discipline and concentration skills which you can transfer over to other parts of life, and it keeps your hand-eye coordination sharp. It also keeps you committed to learning and improvement, which again, are transferable traits to professional life. As role models, parents taking active classes of any subject shows kids the importance of pursuing personal interests for life.

When you become good at DJing, you can even supplement your income with paid gigs on the weekends. Wedding DJs, for example, easily make several thousand dollars per event.

What to Learn with Private DJing Lessons

Learn about the DJing basics, electronic music, sound production tips, spinning and scratching techniques.

Learn about the role of CDJs, mixers, sets, speakers, needles, turntables, controllers, and other equipment needed for mixing all varieties of songs and music genres. You can even learn to DJ with just software on a laptop.

Learn how to work any crowd whether you’re DJing at a bar, club, at concert events, on the radio, or even at weddings.

Learn how to take beat tracks and create your own mixtapes so you can sell your music online.

Learn about different techniques and methods to successfully mix the hottest tracks from different genres of music seamlessly, whether it’s hip hop, pop, techno and EDM, and more.

Learn what distinguishes the top DJs in the world like Armin Van Buren, Avicii, Khaled, Marshmello, and others.

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