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Learn Spanish with a native speaker in a fun way!
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I've been helping students reaching their Spanish goals for 12 years. I'm mostly experienced in adult learning (+40 years old students), from beginner up to advanced levels. I like to follow a communicative teaching approach, motivating students to interact in real situations, we are going to learn but also have fun! I specialize in grammatical and technical classes as well as conversational ones. There’s nothing like the feeling of a good class, a class that was enjoyed by the teacher and the students, so I always try to create a bond between students so that classes are more customized. It also helps to develop confidence and promotes the use of Spanish in the class. It doesn’t matter the topic and the focus of the lesson, humor, laughter and little jokes are a must in all classes to break the ice and to make the class more pleasant. I can't wait to get started!
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¡Hola! My name is Caro, and I want you to learn Spanish from a native Spanish speaker! I can help you if: -you are just starting in your Spanish journey, -you are struggling with Spanish courses at school or college, -you need Spanish for work/business purposes, -you are hoping to improve your speaking skills -you are travelling to a Spanish speaking country -you just want to learn Spanish! It’s always a beautiful experience meeting new students and learning about their culture. Online Spanish teaching is my way of both working and travelling virtually around the World. About me: I love cooking and listening to music, being with family and friends, and watching TV series. I also enjoy being at home – which happens to be my office-, and I have a cat that sometimes likes to take Spanish lessons, so don’t be surprised if you see him around… Shall we meet? (ask other possible open time slots if you don't see them on my calendar) * *Currently accepting new students to fill in 30 minutes sessions spots -not currently taking 45 or 60 minutes lessons due to unavailable timeslots-. At the moment, I have a few open spots (during morning/ afternoon week hours, East Time), no evening times available I'm afraid

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