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Colin M.
Frederick, Maryland
Learn songwriting, guitar, and piano the fun way with a young, experienced, & flexible professional!
Want to play your favorite songs? Interested in learning to write and record your own music? Wish you knew more music theory and technique? Would you like to improvise and be creative with music? Or maybe you're not sure what you want but you're looking for a fun and rewarding teacher. No matter what your goals are, I can get you there! I will help you build a solid foundation of music theory and technique while tailoring to your personal tastes and goals. We will learn how different songs and genres work, and why. We will learn how to write our own music, and record it, if you're interested. We will learn the music that you want to learn, as well as the deeper structures which connect all music together. I have 5 years of experience, 20+ years of experience playing music, and a degree in Music and Cognitive Science from the University of Virginia. I have taught students from age 6 to 66, in all styles, and all ability levels. Send me a message to see if we will be a good fit!
About Colin M.

Hey! My name is Colin M. I am a guitarist, pianist, songwriter, and recording artist. I have degrees in Music and Cognitive Science from the University of Virginia. My lessons are student-driven: You learn what you want to learn! My goal is to spread my love for music, so I keep lessons fun and engaging as much as possible! Growing up, I had many teachers. I learned violin, double bass, trombone, guitar, and piano. The lessons that have stuck with me the most are the ones which tapped into my own internal desires and goals for learning music. I try to bring this experience to bear on every lesson I teach now, guiding my teaching with the question, "Why are you showing up to lessons today?" Songwriting: I love to mentor students who want to become effective, dynamic songwriters. I work with students to unlock their own innate creativity, find their voice, and express themselves! Guitar and Piano: I teach guitar and piano students of all different ages and experience levels. I have played music for close to 25 years and taught for the last 5. I can teach students to read sheet music (classical notation), to learn how to play music using chord sheets (jazz/pop notation), or both depending on the student's goals! I look forward to meeting you and hearing why YOU want to learn!

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