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Hi! I would love to offer lessons for Spanish, French and Italian speakers who wants to learn English! I taught English for 6 years in Italy and would like to do it while I am in the United States. I know all the difficulties that come with this language because I was in the exactly same situation when I first tried to learn English. So if you need help with the most used language in the world, book some lessons with me! My lessons will be focused on every aspects of this beautiful language : grammar, vocabulary, oral and written comprehension. ( just for beginners and intermediate) Spanish- doy clases de inglés a todos los hispanohablantes que quieren aprender inglés French- J'enseigne l'anglais aux francophones qui veulent apprendre cette langue Italian- Insegno l'inglese a tutti gli italiani che desiderano imparare questa lingua
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Ciao! My name is Elisa and I am a native Italian speaker. I was born and raised in Italy and now I live in Portland, Oregon. I have a bachelor degree in Foreign languages (Minor: Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication) at the University of Milan, Italy. I am also in the process of getting a second certification to teach Italian to foreigners. I always keep up to date with Italian news and culture and courses. I come back to Italy every year for 3 months and teach from there. I started teaching in Italy and once I moved to the Usa, I knew I didn't want to give up teaching. So here I am! In these past years gained significant teaching experience for online and in person tutoring for all levels and ages. I use an entertaining, conversational and cultural approach when teaching. I have been loving teaching so much that I am in the process of writing a book for foreigners! Italian is my native language and I am always so excited and so proud of sharing it with you. In my opinion, you learn a language when you develop each skill individually, meaning: grammar, vocabulary, listening, writing, speaking and culture.When I first arrived in the United States two years ago, I learned how important cultural habits are in order to learn a language. After all, language is transmitted through culture. In my time spent doing this, I have discovered that learning a language is challenging. Fluency is not something you can buy. You need to work for it. I can promise you that at times, it will be hard and even boring. This is why my lessons are not only educational but also engaging. I will customize a curriculum for you based on your personal language goals and interests. I always use different media sources such as Youtube, videos I will create personally for you, books or recordings and podcasts to help you stay motivated. Feel free to contact me for any questions! I also offer group discounts! Grazie, Elisa Teaching courses: -Italian for tourists -Italian for life -Spanish for students (beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate) -Italian culture Ciao! A presto !

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