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Emma C.
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Emma is a guitar player singer-songwriter and music producer. She was born and raised in Greece and for the last 2 years, she lives in Nashville the music city of America. She can teach any style and any song that you would love to play! I play guitar for 22 years and I teach 12! I love my students and I want the best for them! The most important for me is learning good technique and learn the style that you love!
About Emma C.

Emma loves music and guitar! She had a professional degree with honors in classical guitar from the Hellenic Music School in Athens Greece. Since then she works as a teacher of music and a professional full-time artist. While she was taking guitar classes, Emmanuela also studied music theory. Dictee, Solfez, participated in choir, music history, music morphology, trained as a guitar teacher, music duet, vocals lessons, and also participate in three international guitar contests. - second place (International festival of Patra) - first place (International festival of Siros) - first place (International contest of Music schools) Also, she participated in a singing European contest that she took 4th place. She has students of all ages and levels. She also studied music therapy. Music therapy helped her understand more about the benefits of music for her students and the way this can improve their lives. Music therapy techniques also can be used for kids with autism and other disabilities. She can tailor lessons to any style as she participated in a lot of different shows with her guitar but also with her singing. She performed in several places around the USA, Europe, and Asia. Counties like Greece, France, Holland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, and to several states like Florida Tennessee California, New York. Traveling and exposing herself to different cultures, kinds of music, ways of speaking and living, has given her a great deal of dexterity in how she is teaching. She also knows how to guide you to record yourself or show you any music recording program at the computer. She can help and guide her students to play their favorite songs on guitar or sing, learn their best solo on the electric guitar, or compose the song they want. Emma loves her students and she wants the best for them . She was working as an intern to one of the best recording studios in Nashville for a year so she has high level knowledge to guide you build your own studio or record yourself! She can give you tips and advises how to build or produce your songs! More details about the lessons : We can study together theory, composition, ear training, arranging, melody, song form, and lyric and melody writing. We can develop skills and techniques for practice and performance. We can discover music technology and performance techniques. I can do voice and Instrument Coaching. I can help you with artist development and give you the best advice! About Emma : I have 12 years of experience in teaching and performing. I love music and I love to teach! I love all my students. I’m doing what I love and I’m excited to share all my knowledge. My goal is for my students to have fun when they have lessons with me and I can show them a lot of different kinds of music, from Classical Guitar to Electric Guitar, from country to pop, Rock funk, jazz, country, blues, folk, classical! I can customize my lessons and cater to your needs and goals! We can learn how to read music, count the rhythm, use metronomes, study basic theory. Last year in Nashville I met lots of talented musicians and I had the honor to be part of a team in one of the best music studios in town. I encourage all of my students to share their favorite music with me and also feel free to compose or song write! I can help you set up your own studio or give you advice on your songs. My goal is for my students to love music, guitar and be able to do something they will love and it will give them joy!

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Emma C.
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