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Jack K.
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Need help revising and proofreading papers? I'm the person you should come to.
My writing lessons can be structured to help read over any level paper and give advice. Often, students aren't sure if their work on writing papers is sufficient due to lack of instructions or confidence in their work. Teaching them how to proofread and find grammatical errors effectively will result in stronger and better constructed papers. While everybody has their own writing style, teaching them important points to look out for, such as run-on sentences, comma structure, and removing unnecessary words, can bring out the best in their writing. I'm a big believer in reading through every sentence of a paper and asking yourself, "Does this look and sound smooth to read?" That's easily the most important part of proofreading and revising essays. I can also help point where it's best to find sources for papers from. There's plenty of great websites to find scholarly sources from of which I have used myself. Making sure the topic of the paper works for what is asked of the student is also important, we need to make sure they're on track to meet the assignment's expectations.
About Jack K.

I teach writing and want to help you make the best possible papers for classes. I have years of experience writing for newspapers and classes on various subjects as well as all styles of paper writing. My strengths come from helping structure essays to be clear, showing where to add or delete information, and general proofreading of papers. If you have a paper in any subject that involves writing, I can help. It's important to get other points of view when writing papers, and I want to serve at that outlet for students.

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