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Jessica G.
Los Angeles, California
Capture the cello "voice" with lessons from cellist with performance degree & 10+ years of teaching
Getting a solid foundation in technique is imperative for anyone wanting to learn the cello, no matter if the desire is to play for fun or to eventually join an orchestra. That is why I make it my goal as a teacher to establish the correct ways to have: good tone, proper posture, flexible bow hold, loose vibrato, and pain-free playing. All of my students that have graduated to university-level teachers have reported back that the teacher was happy with their foundation and they were not required to "move back" steps in order to gain additional technique. I generally use the Suzuki and ABC books to get students started(which employ mainly classical pieces and folk songs), but I am always open to other genres that the student is interested in. If there is a specific piece a student would like to play, we'll go over what technique is required to get there and use alternate pieces and exercises to finally reach that goal.
About Jessica G.

I have 25 years of playing experience along with a Bachelor's degree in Cello Performance. I was the section leader of my university's orchestra as well as a full-scholarship member of the university quartet. As a professional gigging musician, I have played with Il Divo, Mario Winans, La Jolla Symphony, Doctor's Symphony, Porta Caeli Chamber Players, and the quartet La Dolce. I am a member of MTAC (Music Teacher's Association of California) and can sign my students up for Certificate of Merit. This is a music study program with an annual evaluation and written assessment. Stand-out students will be invited to play at the Branch Recital. *** Lesson Details *** Lessons differ slightly depending on the student. In general, it starts with scales for intonation or working on vibrato, moves on to an etude or exercise, and culminates with work on a piece of music. But not every student works well with this method, so I will add in some musical worksheets and ear training games for those that require lessons with more variety. *** Travel Equipment *** I can come to your home to teach. I will bring all necessary method books and teaching materials.

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