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Kyle W.
San Antonio, Texas
Learn math from a medical student and future eye surgeon who loves numbers!
Students can expect to learn basic mathematical principles and how to apply these principles to complete homework assignments, excel in tests and quizzes, and become better prepared for college and other entrance exams.
About Kyle W.

Hey! My name is Kyle. I'm a medical student attending the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX. I love learning and getting to experience lots of different things! My favorite thing is music and for that reason I entered BYU as a music major originally, but ended up getting my degree in neuroscience with the vision of becoming a surgeon later on (but music is still my #1 favorite hobby!). I lived for a couple years in Guadalajara, Mexico as a Christian missionary and so I'm also bilingual and very familiar with Mexican culture. I started working as a private tutor in September 2011 and I have had lots of opportunities to work with youth while I've been in various leadership positions! I love teaching and I'm excited to get to know each of you!

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