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Samantha S.
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Learn the Craft of Singing - Find a Unique Relationship with Your Voice
Hi all! Thanks for checking out my page. I’m on a mission to make singing accessible for everyone. Singing is an expressive extension of the way we communicate, both in how we speak and how we listen. In my lessons, I will ask you to come as you are, take a journey with me and connect with your unique voice. I teach technique that builds off of the natural base-line of each student’s voice. We work together to build muscle strength, vocal control, and develop a physical and spiritual relationship with music. We will build the muscle gently and lovingly as we work through a series of feel-good warm ups, ear-training and body stretches, and explore music that brings you the most joy - whether it’s a musical theater classic, an American standard, a song by your favorite pop artist, or even an Italian aria, I’m here to cultivate the fun in singing, not the perfection. Let’s uncover your capabilities together.
About Samantha S.

I'm a professional singer-songwriter and lyric-coloratura soprano with twenty years of performance experience and sixteen years of formal vocal training in the classical realm. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University, where I received the Derdeyn Scholarship for Sopranos and subsequently continued my classical studies in both Austria and Germany. In 2021 I wrote, produced, and independently released my first short album called "Lion's Den" - a folk-rock inspired landscape of growth and shared humanity. I was invited to perform in the line-up for Buffalo, New York’s first music festival, "Cobblestone Live," for the "East Aurora Music Festival," and invited to perform my original material on regional radio. What to Expect: - My lessons cater to all ages, experience levels and identities. - You do not need to be a “singer” to sing. I create a safe space for everyone to enjoy this art form. - I help prepare children and students for grade-school auditions (elementary, middle, highschool and community productions or choir solos). - I help prepare folks for community choir auditions. - For those with high levels of experience, I take a “back-to-basics” attitude and approach. I am familiar with the high pressure and expectation that performing can bring, and I believe that sometimes we need to take a step back to nurture the love we have for the craft itself. - If you are interested in learning how to sight-read, we can certainly delve into this! - If the need arises, I read Italian and German fluently (not fluent in conversation) and am able to help with pronunciation needs on a short-term basis. What Not to Expect: - At this point, I do not prepare students for competitions - At this point, I do not prepare students for college auditions - While I will work to build strength, range, and consistency, I do not teach advanced technique. If we hit a point where you are interested in studying technique at a higher level or if we mutually agree that you would benefit from more intense study, I will support you on your journey to find the next right teacher.