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Stephanie O.
Chicago, Illinois
Native Spanish speaker! Scored a 5 on the AP Spanish Language exam.
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NOTE: I recommend 90 minutes for a first session -- in my experience, 60 minutes tends not to be enough to both get the lay of the land and deliver a reassuring and substantive amount of support. I look forward to working with you! I went to Princeton University and studied molecular biology. I was high school salutatorian (2nd in a class of 500+) and completed the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, while taking 11 AP classes. I've been tutoring continuously since high school, as both a private tutor and a volunteer, in subjects all across the board. I simply really love education -- both learning and teaching. And I always excelled at standardized testing, so I enjoy helping students succeed by taking the stress and mystery out of the verbal, math, and grammar/syntax questions on the SAT, ACT, and other common tests. --- ***MY BACKGROUND*** Volunteer tutoring in high school and college, private tutoring since 2008. Primarily with students in middle school, high school, or college / graduate school, but also late elementary school. Extensive SAT tutoring experience: one high school junior raised her math score by 180 points, and another student raised her total score by 140 points. Here's a highlight of my scores: 800 on the SAT Verbal section and the SAT Subject Test for Math Level 2; 740 or higher on my other SAT sections and Subject Tests; on the GRE, 164 Verbal, 169 Math; and 5 on AP Biology, Chemistry, Calculus AB, U.S. History, English Literature & Composition, and Spanish Language. I was an English co-instructor for three months in a private university in rural China and obtained certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

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