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Zack D.
Lexington, Kentucky
Enhance your music listening and composition skills with help from an experienced composer of 19 years
Gifted with perfect pitch, I can teach you easy to remember tactics to identify keys, chords, and intervals. It can reach the point after hearing a melody or chorus for the first time, you will be able to play it on any instrument by ear!
About Zack D.

I am a professional composer for video games and film! I created the company, Moving Dimensions, in 2014 and have been producing and writing music for my own video games ever since. I've been writing music ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil. After 21 years of perfecting my craft, I want to pass on the information I have learned. I double majored in music composition and music theory from the University of Louisville in 2012. I began my teaching career right out of high school, I arranged music for, and instructed marching band percussion students. A few years later, I moved onto writing music for, teaching, and directing musical theater. All while giving private lessons in composition and piano on the side. I then spent 6 years in Los Angeles, writing for the big screen and getting my own video game production company off the ground. I learned a tremendous amount working with film and musical directors out there, and when the company became self-sustaining, I moved back to Kentucky to be close to family. Because of my enthusiasm for music, my excellent communication skills, and overwhelming amount of patience, I can teach you to become an expert on music composition, arranging, orchestration, music theory, playing things by ear, the piano, any percussion instrument, and even improvisation! I'm very fluent in all styles of music, from R&B and jazz to classical and contemporary. Reach out today and schedule a lesson! Let's play music! zackcomposer.com

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